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Do you need some personal guidance to develop your own style and photography or video skills? Soulwater Productions' online learning options may be the perfect solution for you. Adrienne can give you one-on-one tuition and constructive feedback. Hence, you will become a photography superstar!

Soulwater Productions offers training at your own pace and a personalised level of input to suit your needs and schedule. You can book as many or few timeslots with her as you need. This means you can adapt the programme to be as intensive or as chilled as you prefer. You have the freedom to modify the timing and frequency of your sessions which will give you the flexibility a busy lifestyle demands. For example, you can opt for frequent short chats or longer more in-depth discussions.

Each session will be focussed on practical conversations about composition, light and editing techniques. Share your most recent photos with Adrienne for critique and suggestions. In addition, she will give you daily, weekly or monthly assignments, which you can complete at your own pace. They will be designed to give you inspiration and help extend your boundaries.

With Adrienne's mentorship, you will be surprised at how quickly you will start making better photographs and finding your own niche. Contact Adrienne today to find out more.



online learning, online course, training, manta rays flying through sunbeams

Online Courses - coming soon!

If you don't have time to commit to an intensive practical course, or would like to make the most of your precious holiday by minimising time in the classroom, an online learning option may be exactly what you need. This is why Soulwater Productions offers online courses that can stand alone or supplement your practical training.

You can either schedule the individual course modules to learn at your own pace or do the theory segment of the full practical course before you arrive so you can get diving straight away.

Soulwater Productions' online courses give you the flexibility to study on your own schedule. The self-assessments at the end of each chapter mean you will get instant feedback on your progress. This will highlight areas where you excel or need more practice.

Our online manual gives you constant access to the course material and exams. The course includes the manual as a beautifully illustrated ebook, which you can keep forever. This will help you to keep learning even after the course is complete.

Contact Adrienne today to find out more about our online learning options.






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