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Shopping bags that roll up into a pocket sized pouch to attach to your key ring
Collaboration - bag in a pocket!

Soulwater Azure reusable shopping bags

Blue Azure is a Bali-based company that is committed to quality and environmental responsibility. They are also specialists in the creation of customised and personalised products.

Soulwater Productions is collaborating with Blue Azure to create a new environmentally conscious product - reusable shopping bags in a pocket. In 2019 Bali started the revolution to become plastic bag free, so now more than ever these beautiful shopping bags can help you to say bye-bye to plastic bags and protect our precious oceans. Each one is printed with one of Soulwater Productions stunning underwater images, folds up into a small pocket-sized pouch and has a handy loop to connect it to your keychain. Now you will always have the perfect shopping bag with you in a small convenient package!

The bags are made from super-lightweight parachute material and are strong enough to hold a full bag of groceries. They are easily washable and the beautiful underwater pictures are digitally printed using innovative technology that doesn't use water, meaning it is also protecting the environment even in the production process. There is no water waste and no toxic ink entering our waterways!

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Soulwater - Blue Azure environmental collaboration

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Dive Proof Waterproof logbooks

Waterproof Logbooks

A log book that you can fill in on the boat while you're still dripping wet.
A log book that you can throw in with your dive gear.
A log book that won't get ruined no matter how many beers you spill on it.
A log book designed by instructors for the scuba diving industry.

Waterproof Solutions

Dive Proof is now the only UK company offering not only water proof log books for the recreational diving world but the facility to produce bespoke water proof stationary products for a range of applications across disciplines and industries. They pride themselves on the ability to meet customers’ requirements regardless of quantity, size or specification, and you can contact them directly through this link.

The Soulwater Collection

Soulwater Productions and Dive Proof are collaborating to bring a beautiful new collection of logbooks to you.  With images direct from Soulwater and the resilient technology of Dive Proof, we are creating the most unique and stunning logbooks on the market.

Logbooks and waterproof solutions with beautiful images of underwater marine life

created by Adrienne Gittus.

Order your logbook today

You can order your very own Soulwater Collection Dive Proof logbook directly through this link!

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