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How can you help?

There are many ways you can help, and see the film at the same time. Spreading awareness is the first step. Help share the message of the film with the world.

Find an alternative

Providing education and creating an alternative for fishermen is a vital part of addressing this problem in Indonesia... Find out about organisations which are working to change attitudes and fishing methods. 



Make a difference

It's not too late to make a change.  The sharks of Indonesia need your help.

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Screen the Film

Be a Host

See the film and share it with others too... If you would like to hold a screening at your local venue, contact Adrienne to find out how.

The purpose of the film is to spread awareness of this problem. You can be a vital part of the movement!

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Hold a Fundraiser

Donate now

Help fund the film.... You can make a big difference in the distribution of the film.

Hold a fundraiser and see the film at the same time - make it a social event!  Contact Adrienne for promotional support or to find out where to donate.

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Spread the Word

Share with the world

Tell your friends... and share it on social media.  Every small effort counts.

Share the FaceBook page or check out Twitter

Don't Hesitate...

Help this small film become a big movement for change.

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